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Our hearts are broken

On the heels of Ray our little band of brothers has suffered great loss this past week with the passing of Jay Barnes, Al Quick, and John Slater’s wife. Each will bring painful absence to us collectively and as individuals. I know you all will keep each of them and their families in whatever form of prayer or remembrance according to your faith. Remember all of us as well, it tears at the soul to see our buddies vanish from us so suddenly.
I am reminded of a sentiment shared when Ray passed; not let opportunities to commune with each other sharing our love for fly-fishing, the fish we pursue, and the beauty of where we make said pursuit. I regret not taking Jay up on invitations to join him fishing Tarpon in Florida. I treasure memories of fishing with Al at Hi Hiume, Thompson River, club outings and trips on local rivers but am saddened at drifting away over the past number of years, thinking there would be time once retired to reconnect on the water. Al took me under his wing and was somewhat of a “big brother” to me early in my time with the club. I regret not getting to know John well enough to know of his life partner, maybe while wetting a line together somewhere. I regret having so many regrets. 

It seems appropriate to remember and honor our friends in the same way as Ray with your memories of Al, Jay, and John’s wife. Please consider sharing some of your favorite memories of these and send them to me via email. I will print a selection of them each month until all have been heard. 
Please send me photos you may have of Al and Jay. 
   Olympic Peninsula Steelhead 
May 3rd
Wet Fly 6:30 pm
7:00 pm

Carriage Restaurant

1334 12th Ave
Longview, WA 


Board Meeting                
Tuesday, May
    Longview WA

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